My perception and ideology of Veganism has shifted drastically after tasting the abundance of flavour put into Veganitys meals, also having a new menu every week makes being a vegan easy and exciting!

Habtoor M / DUBAI

I was curious to try out a vegan meal plan for the first time, but i’ve honestly fell in love with veganity’s food, extremely delicious and it doesn’t make me feel like i made a drastic change in my diet! It’s only been 2 weeks and i already see and feel the changes within my body, hair, skin and mood! i’m so glad i did this and highly recommend it for vegans and non-vegans to try!

Mariam A / DUBAI

i’ve been waiting so long for an amazing vegan meal prep plan in Dubai and can’t believe it’s finally here! The food is beyond great, full of flavour and SUPER filling!